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Cheapest Web Hosting - How Does Just Host Compare? 
We began with a web hosting program with Bluehost. They offered your normal free website for living provided that you paid hosting the sites of yours with them. Because they provided unlimited add on domains (which could mean we are able to level some number of site addresses to our individual web host account and all are like different sites), we begun to purchase domains from them with a flat rate of ten dolars per website per year. Bluehost provided WHOIS privacy registration that was critical to us since we did not want the registration info of ours posted to spammers via the WHOIS database.
A number of weeks ago, Bluehost ceased to offer free domain privacy, therefore we begun to look around to discover one more web host or maybe registrar which offered low-cost domain names. We could even think about switching webhosts if we are able to get an excellent deal... and that is what brought us to simply Host.
Just Host does not really market site addresses unless you've a webhosting program with them. (And subsequently the domains are not truly well worth it: Just Host sells.com,.org, and.net domains for a flat price of $14.95 per site address per year. Additionally, they cost an extra $9.95 per address per season to protect the privacy of yours from the WHOIS database when registering the domains of yours.
At that cost, we we are a lot better off following Bluehost who sells domain names for ten dolars per url and charges simply $4.95 per domain name per season for the domain name privacy.
Both Just Bluehost and Host provide a totally free domain name for living with buying a web hosting program. Simply Host's least expensive web hosting program begins at $5.95 monthly (based on a twelve month commitment), whereas Bluehost costs $8.95 per month (also on a twelve month subscription.)
On the whole, I believe we will continue our web hosting with Bluehost and always keep on searching for an additional area to obtain the domain names of ours. There are a few excellent choices available that offer domain names for under 10 bucks together with no-cost secrecy registration.
Lots of domain name registrars compare their rates against just one or perhaps 2 of the priciest domain businesses available charging thirty five dolars for a.com domain title.
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